Who’s Who in Who? …For Beginners!

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When you’re dealing with the world of Geekdom, you can expect some very strong opinions on a wide array of topics. There is no exception when talking with Doctor Who fanatics. They are very devoted to “their” Doctor. They also have their favorite companions as well. Usually the Doctor of choice is the first one they watched. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes a certain Doctor’s humor or mannerisms speak to a viewer more than others.

Whenever you are dealing with a specific subject, certain language and procedure develops. Working with computers, you learn about RAM and ROM while animation artists know all about Squash and Stretch. The same is true for the world of Who.

Before I give you the Doctors, let’s make sure we’re caught up on some brief Doctor Who etiquette:
Fan groups tend to get clever nicknames; for example, Star Trek fans are Trekkers. If you…

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“The Danger of Silence” by Clint Smith/TED

I admit, when it first saw this, I immediately thought of Doctor Who. Silence. Silence will fall, Doctor.


But, onto  a more serious note.

This video basically presses on how important it is to speak up when you believe in something, and to not ignore people when their voice is not strong enough.





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