“How Private Schools Are Serving the Poorest” by Pauline Dixon/TEDx

This video is great. It’s brilliant that people in other countries get that private schools are better than government-run public, even if many people in America don’t quite. The logic is that if you want better things, you have to pay for them. It makes people less dependent on the government or other organizations.

What really got me, though, was at the end when Pauline said, “How can we help?”

You don’t need to help. The system is working fine on it’s own. You will wreck it with your input. Her organization is sending vouchers to other countries for ~$6 a month for education at private schools. Now. What’s wrong with this?

These families ALREADY are making enough to have $6 to send their children to school. They don’t need these vouchers. So, when they get them, the families now have twelve dollars for their child’s education, but only need six. In the beginning, that’s GREAT! Like, it genuinely might help them. But as they get these vouchers, schools will realize that they can charge twice as much, and people will still pay, because they now have twelve dollars for education. But then, the ‘do-gooder’ organization will come back, and now, since the prices are higher, it will give people twelve dollar vouchers. Now people have eighteen dollars for education. Schools will raise prices, and the cycle will start over again.

So at the moment this works. Sort of. But, she’s only giving 900 people the vouchers. People who are above the cut-off, but around the margin will start to work less, as to have less monthly wage so they can get these vouchers and be back up to where they were previously (or pretty close) while still working less. Soon, the amount this organization is handing out will make people who are a significant amount above the margin work less in order to get this handout.


But what happens is that this organization will run out of funding. People who dropped down below the cut-off to get this handout are now getting a very small wage. Schools are charging a ton, and no one can pay for it. So, people go back to free, public, government-run schools. The children who grew up during this ‘bubble’ are convinced the system doesn’t work, when in reality, private schools work, and it’s the charity organization ruins the entire town/city/country.

Most of these organizations mean well, but just don’t think it through.

Sometimes, though, the government of the country will give out money, or food stamps, or welfare. If the government runs out of money, this will cause the country to become bankrupt. But, the people in the country have already become dependent on the government. Though, the government will do this on purpose in order for people to become dependent on it. The will choose to cut off the program, and the country is ruined.


Bottom line: external funding, like charities or government-run organizations, DOES NOT WORK. Do you want to do good? Leave the system alone. I find it sad and sort of horrific how people ruin it.




What I Learned From “How To Make Hard Choices” by Ruth Chang/TEDTalks

Ruth Chang is a philosopher that studies hard choices.

Easy choices are when one choice is better than the other, and you can see it easily.

Hard choices are when the choices are better in some respects and lacking in others, and they come out to about even, yet hard choices are not necessarily big choices.

Big choices are when the options will affect your life in a significant way, like choosing a house or a career.

When there are hard choices that are also big choices, you should choose what you want personally.