KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Review

KeyBlazeHey guys!!

So I’m not very good at typing legitimately, so I Googled “free typing tutor software” (or something along those lines) , and this was one of the first results. I looked at the site, and I downloaded it.

When I opened it, it asked me my age (child, teenager, adult) and my skill level (beginner, intermediate, expert). The first few lessons focused on the basics : asdfg hjkl; . At the bottom of the screen it had a keyboard with hands on it to show you which finger to use. When I made a mistake, it even said which finger to use for the backspace key. There were also games. The first and only game I encountered was where letters/words appeared on the top of the screen, and you had to type them before they hit the ground.

This was awesome typing software. The only problem was IT’S NOT FREE. On the site it said the program was free. But, when I got through the eight lessons and one game it gave me, it said that to continue, I had to buy the software.

This was, as I said above, pretty good software, but the only problem was that I had evidently gotten the free trial. I would recommed this to a friend if they were looking for PAID typing software. But, I will not be using this one, as I was looking for a FREE typing tutor.

If you want to get KeyBlaze, Here is the link:

Thanks for reading!!

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