Minecraft Easter Eggs

Everyone who plays Minecraft knows the game has infinite possibilities. Here are some of them! 🙂

Christmas Surprise

If you log on on December 25 (Christmas Day), all the chests look like present boxes. The single chest is a red box with a gold ribbon, and the large chest is green with a white ribbon and a red bow.

Halloween Surprise

If you log in and spawn/find a skeleton, zombie, zombie pigmen, or some other mobs, they sometimes spawn with pumpkins on their heads.

Naming Mobs

If you name a mob (With a name tag, or renaming the spawn egg in an anvil) Grumm or Dinnerbone, The mob will be rendered upside-down.

Notch’s Birthday

On June 1st, the splash text that appears in front of the “Minecraft” logo says,”Happy Birthday, Notch!”


In every major update to the PC version of Minecraft, at the end of the list it says,”Herobrine Removed”, though he never existed in the first place.

Thanks for reading :D,


P.S. If I find any more Easter Eggs, I will post them here! 😀


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